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Hey there and welcome to my little slice of the internet!

My name is Amy and I am the creator behind Shower and Party Printables. For as long as I can remember, I have loved designing pretty printables and cards.

I’m in my later 40s so computers were not around when I was growing up. I purchased my first computer when I was in grad school for Optometry (yes, I was an Optometrist for 14 years!).

I have always been budget conscious and also love making my own things, so when I was planning my wedding in 2002, I was figuring out how to print out my own invitations and table decorations.

There weren’t a whole lot of options back then for DIY. Sometimes I say, I’d love to have another wedding just so I can make all the things!!

Soon after my wedding, I bought my first design software which was for making Hallmark cards. You had to use their images, but it gave me the ability to add sentiments in colors and fonts that I wanted. Then I was able to add photos and wow, I went a bit crazy!

Everyone got cards for every occasion!! Then I moved on to always volunteering to make class newsletters and games for baby showers and bridal showers. I loved it!! Since then I’ve been teaching myself Canva and Adobe Illustrator.

Being a math and science nerd, it really was eye-opening to me when I started digging into my creative side. I even quit my career as an Optometrist to pursue my crafting passion about 8 years ago.

Then in 2016, I started my first blog, to share DIY, party ideas, and crafting with others. I had no idea what just started as a hobby would turn into my full-time job!

I do offer printables over on my main blog, but I wanted to venture out and start a site of just printables, and not just that but free printables!

So in 2023 I launched this new site that I know will take time to grow and for you to find (as the nature of the content creator business!)

You will find all types of printables for all occasions including baby showers, bridal showers, parties, graduation, everyday signs, and much more. I am quickly making content all the time!

When I’m not crafting or creating, I enjoy spending time with my three kiddos, two dogs, and my hubby of over 20 years in Northern California!

I hope you enjoy the printables you find here and use them only for personal use! No items are available for commercial use and redistributing content is in breach of copyright laws. You could read all about our privacy policy here.