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Free May and June Printable Calendars 2023 (Monthly)

Instant download of a May and June printable calendar to use at home, at school, or in the office to keep track of important dates!

With the end of the school calendar coming up, I have been busy working on summer calendars for you. Hopefully, your summer is not as busy as the rest of the year, but it’s still important when keeping you and your family organized.

You might remember that I use a combination of an online calendar and pen and paper calendars! I am a huge fan of to-do checklists and have weekly calendars, monthly calendars, yearly calendars, and even quarterly calendars in several rooms of our house.

I love seeing monthly plans all laid out on one single page so that I can actually see my aging eyes! And extra points if the monthly calendar template is cute and colorful!

So today, I have not one but two printable calendars for the month of May and month of June of 2023 in PDF format and I will be switching out the years each and every year.

So if for some reason you reach this post and the year hasn’t been changed on the calendar, please let me know and I will get on changing the printable calendar templates!

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There are two different months of May and June calendar designs to choose from. On each free printable monthly calendar, the entire month plus a few of the dates from the end of the month leading up to the first day of the month and the beginning of the next month in a lighter color.

Just like with printable April calendars, at the top of the calendar are all the days of the week abbreviated – Sun for Sunday, Mon for Monday, Tue for Tuesday, Wed for Wednesday, Thu for Thursday, Fri for Friday, and Sat for Saturday.

There is enough space in each box to fill in special activities or appointments that you have like the end of the school year and summer vacation.

The first is a black and white May blank calendar with the holidays Cinco de Mayo and Mother’s Day written in plus the United States Federal Holiday Memorial Day.

Then I also made a more colorful version for those of you like me that like adding my special events and other work schedules to my desk calendar.

Then the PDF files for the free printable June calendar are basically the same. One black and white calendar design with important events like National Flag Day, Juneteenth, and Father’s Day is already on for easy use.

And a second more colorful PDF Calendar is more suitable for a family calendar since it has a few summer images to get you all excited about summer!

You could even print out a bunch of both months calendars so each family member can write their own events down on their personal calendars.

To get even more organized, grab our free printable life planner, free July calendar, and August calendar template now!

Free May and June Printable Calendar Download

As with all our free printables, these are for personal use only! Please no selling or redistributing of PDF files or digital downloads. Thank you!

This is a digital file in PDF format only. No physical items will be shipped.

All two versions of the May calendar and two versions of the June calendar are included in one zipped file.

Simply click on the download link below and the zip file should automatically download. Click on Extract All to get the individual monthly printable calendar pages.

If you have problems downloading the monthly planner, you might need to install Adobe Reader (free version here).

Then print out whichever free May calendar 2023 and June calendar 2023 version you want. All calendars are in landscape orientation and sized to US letter 8.5 x 11 inches paper size (learn more about paper sizes here).

I’d recommend just printing out the calendar on white copy paper since they will just be thrown away. It’s up to you if you want to have the print settings at high quality (I think the default is just fine!). You can adjust your print options to scale the free printable calendar templates smaller if you’d like.

You could also have your local print shop or Office Depot print out the free download of the digital items to save on your printer ink.

Thanks for stopping by and happy planning!

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